the tax man cometh

In News and Politics on January 21, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Last night, an ice storm hit Cincinnati the likes of which I had never seen. Well, there might have been one or two that were worse. Anyway, that’s how I spent the morning doing my taxes instead of strolling Findlay Market in search of dinner date-worthy meat and veggies.

I think I probably have a completely different mindset about taxes than everyone else in America, so I don’t talk about it much. It seems like people have such a strongly-held belief that taxes are evil and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

I’ve always been a big reader, and in my early teens, I was on a kick of reading biographies of athletes and historical figures, because I’m a big freaking weirdo. One of my favorite stories was that of James Madison and the formation of the U.S. government. It fueled a lifelong interest in government and politics including working for the current Cincinnati mayor’s campaign and actually running for office myself when I was 18. For me, the government has always been a good thing.

It still is. I don’t get mad about paying taxes. Granted, I’m a poor person, so I usually get a federal tax refund. In response to Mitt Romney, I’m totally willing to disclose my federal tax returns. I made about $21k in 2011, paid a bit over $3k in tax, and I’m getting a $1700 return. I paid about 6% of my income in federal tax (all of these numbers are rounded). I guess someone who is paying 33% would be pretty pissed that I’m paying only 6%, but I bet they wouldn’t switch me salaries, either.

Is it an interest-free loan of $1700 to the federal government, which they may have spent on very nice ketchup for the White House kitchen? Yup. But I still think like colonists in that hey, I’m getting taxed, but I’m also getting represented (they had a much catchier phrase). I don’t expect the government to do everything it does for free. I don’t even like a lot of the stuff they do, but I like plenty and I benefit from a lot of it. I’m not here to live in a society without contributing to it, including paying taxes. I guess I could get mad at the people who pay less than me, or the people who are really rich and pay nothing in taxes because they can afford good accountants and lawyers, but I’m not going to make any more money by being worried about their pockets.

I suppose I’d prefer not to pay any taxes, but that’s never been a consideration for me, because I don’t think I’m entitled to getting things for free. Do I wish I could pay less until I earn more? Well, sure. That’s why I vote the way I do. But for some reason, paying taxes isn’t a patriotic thing to do. It’s ironic, since without taxes, we never would have started this country. Religion might be why pilgrims left, but taxation without representation (that’s it! I knew I’d remember) is what spurred sovereignty.

And who knows, maybe that ketchup was used by Seal Team 6 when they visited the White House, in which case, I’d want the best ketchup my tax dollars can buy.

  1. Meat and veggies is not a euphemism. And if you’re wondering what I’ll do with this huge return, it’s probably going to be a car that doesn’t consume oil like a Jersey Shore cast.

  2. Great article! I’m glad people are getting refunds. I haven’t seen a tax refund in many years.

  3. I love you on Yelp and now I am reading your other writings. I have always been an avid reader since childhood. When I am Yelping on my Droid3, I am usually reading a book. I love multitasking. I also love Politics. I send standard faxes with my opinions added to all, including the Pres. Have a signed pic of he and his beautiful family on our front door(inside of course). I am a Democrat, married to a Republican. We both vote mixed ballots. Used to love John Boehner, but now he’s turned into some childish idiot. His brother Pete mows our lawn, as he has 2/3 jobs. He is a sweetheart and ,unfortunately, married to a b…..! Since we are both disabled, we have to have help with yard, etc. I make my Hubby call, as I will not allow myself to be verbally abused by her. He got an earful on Fri. From Her. Maybe John would be nicer, more adultish, have better manners and not walk out while in a meeting with the Pres of America, if he were married to her instead. (Way too long a run on sentence). Couldn’t be put any other way. I too worked hard and had to pay taxes, but I had my own business and lots of deductions, and got some money back. I never minded paying taxes, until my 1st Hubby left me in a financial nightmare and I never got a break from THE IRS. They went like Sarah Palin went after Elk, bears, etc! And, for what, being the big $8500.00 criminal I was. Most of that was penalties they added on. Never went after my ex though. Strange isn’t it! Ofter wondered why. I read Murder Mysteries, usually about serial killers. Takes me away from my life and reinforces my faith in the good people of law enforcement and how very hard they work @ their jobs. So let’s stop SupremeCourt

    • Stupid builtin spell check messes up my typing all the time with word substitutes. When I go back to correct, I cannot get to finish my comment. So I was saying : Let’s stop The Supreme Court, Congress, and yes, The Pres. From suing States who support our Law Enforcement Agencies in their arrest of illegal aliens. Just let them PROTECT OUR BOARDERS and let us get our Country back to the way Our Founding Fathers Had in mind when they wrote The Constitution! The Declaration of Independence! And Our Bill Of Rights…Not Illegal Aliens bill of rights! And fix our tax laws so they very rich have to pay way more than Warren Buffet’s Secretary!

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