about the snarkler

Just some chick. If it matters, I’m easy enough to find.

  1. Stumbled upon your blog after stumbling upon your Twitter account last week (I think?). Glad I did. The name’s Aaron. šŸ™‚

    (and I so didn’t know there’s a “StumbleUpon” button until just now)

  2. Decent writing on your site. Don’t give up writing because of a few hours of nonsense twitter drama. Also, stop feeling so sorry for yourself over said twitter drama. Passive-aggressive crap like “this will make 30 rock a little less enjoyable to watch” doesn’t give the impression that you are over it, or were ever joking to begin with.

    • I wasn’t meaning to be passive-aggressive… I’m pretty sure I’ll be reminded of this when I watch 30 Rock. I don’t hate Alec Baldwin. I don’t give a shit about Alec Baldwin. It was just a shitty couple hours, which happens pretty often in life.

      Thank you for reading. I’m glad you liked it. I write a sports blog on, too.

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