a real lifetime movie

In Communication, Entertainment and Nightlife, Relationships on December 21, 2010 at 11:21 am

I’m not much of a movie person.  I realize that this puts me in the minority, but I’m just far too restless.  I also don’t like getting all worked up and emotional about people who don’t actually exist.  Worrying about whether Jennifer Aniston and her mildly gay co-star will be able to work it out just seems really silly.  I don’t even care if Jennifer Aniston and her real-life mildly gay boyfriends work it out.
I do love to watch human interaction though.  I just prefer the real-life variety.  Instead of going to watch a movie, I’ll go to a crowded bar and sit in a corner and observe.  Watching real people do the dance of interpersonal attraction is infinitely more interesting than watching actors do it.  The power dynamics, the intimacy transactions, and what happens at the end of the night?  Now that’s cinema.
I have an MA in Communication, and even though I no longer am an active Communication scholar, I still do studies all the time.  If being able to tell how people feel about each other ever becomes a marketable skill, I’m going to be a very successful woman. I know when someone loves someone.  I know when someone wants to have sex with someone.  I know when someone is repulsed.  There are stories all around us.  Why pay $10 to watch one on a screen?

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