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In Communication, News and Politics, Relationships on June 26, 2011 at 9:33 pm

The vote on gay marriage in New York has me thinking how totally fucking ridiculous it is that there there has to be a law specifically stating that gay people can get married. Here’s the gist: PEOPLE WERE STOPPING PEOPLE FROM GETTING MARRIED JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE THE SAME SEX.

It’s embarrassing that people didn’t realize that this was probably all based as much on their Christian values as their laziness to not change the first license forms they made up. So few people are even willing to engage in monogamy, I can’t see the point in stopping the people who really want to do it. These folks are just trying to tell the world they plan to try to avoid fucking other people for at least a few years, and the government cares enough to stop them?

People get married for all sorts of reason, some of them more logical than others, but almost all of them are legal. You can marry for money, or health insurance. You can marry for prestige. You can marry for companionship. You can marry for a big ol’ fancy wedding. You can marry for security, and you can marry for control. You can even marry for love, should you be so crazy. But you can’t marry for any of those reasons if you’re gay?

It’s not that you’re banning gay marriage. It’s that you’re banning  gay people from getting married. Whatever your problem with homosexuality is, it’s not going to go away with any amount of legislation. Love will always find a way, and it could care less about what your rules have to say about it. The bans on gay marriage have done nothing but waste a bunch of time that could have been spent creating jobs or limiting pollution or just minding your own fucking business.

  1. The Pres. Just came out and announced his views on gays getting married. Did a really nice job! Even included his girls friends @ school who have gay parents and gay people who work @ The White House, Congress, etc. Unusual for all this gayness to be announced now from these places. We are used to it being in The Military and still an issue, although it shouldn’t be. I am a woman happily married to my Hubby for 19 yrs. I agree with The Pres. When He states gay people should be afforded the same rights as we have. Actually, statistics show that gay couples get far fewer divorces that heterosexual couples. So what is the big deal, anyway? Times, lifestyles, cirscumstances, our environment, finances, housing, women’s rights, handicapped rights, jobs, have all changed. It just makes sense to make people equally happy as gay marriages are usually very gay ceremonies and add to the economy by all the money they spend and everyone wins. Why isn’t this a no-brainer? It is good all around. And for all you Homophobics out there, get over it. You’re not their type!! No, they don’t want your kids either, as those are called Pedifile!(now spell check won’t give me correct spelling). Is is discriminating! Now isn’t what this is all about to begin with?

  2. I wrote a reply, but as with my stupid phone and my Messed up Yelp account, this comment also seems to have gone to technical smartphone neverland. Alas, it was about 10″ long, so do not have it in me to redo. I really agree as does the Pres. This week. If you haven’t read it, you really need to asap. It is great!

  3. […] you’re wondering if I wrote about gay marriage before, I have, although even I don’t remember writing it. The best thing about a horrible memory is […]

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