be careful what you wish for

In Health and Wellness, Home on February 21, 2011 at 7:06 pm

As a child, I had a huge gap between my two front teeth. More accurately, I had it well into adulthood. I prayed and prayed that my gap would close. It was the only thing about my appearance that really bothered me (and I spent a great deal of my childhood with a poodle perm and spent high school with eyebrows that could serve as toupees).

Over the years, the gap has closed gradually. A few years ago, when my wisdom teeth started coming in, the gap is all but closed. In fact, now I have a new concern. Is something in my teeth? (Yes, there is.)

While I’m thrilled to have one of my dreams come true, another wish I had ended up being granted a little differently. I always wanted dimples. I have dimples in my chin, which is not cute once you’re past your first birthday. So when I was little, I would pass the time while I was pooping by poking in my right cheek (the one on my face) (I preferred to only have one dimple, as I felt the asymmetry would be more interesting). Strangely enough, even after years of poop-time spent poking my finger into my own face, I did not develop a dimple.

Now that I’m aged (32, to be exact), I’ve noticed a few changes in my appearance. While I still look pretty good for my age, there is one wrinkle in particular that is very pronounced.

Right where a dimple should be.

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